Targeting Millennial Cord Cutters

One topic we’ve been increasingly talking about at SS+K is the future of the television business and the growing trend of cord cutting or cord never, particularly among Millenials.  To gain some broader market perspective we joined the AdWeek webinar “Targeting Millennial Cord Cutters.”

Here are some insights we gleaned on why digital video is the way to reach this generation – and how brands like HBO, with advancements like HBO Now,  are ahead of the curve:


  • Millennials are watching less TV than ever before, but video viewing is at an all-time high
    TV viewership is down 23% year over year. There are more options not only in what to what but in how to watch. In order to be truly successful in reaching millennials, you have to be platform-agnostic.
  • Social is mobile
    Create content that is shareable and enables participation. People share content for their own social currency and good brands actively think through their posts.
  • The cookie is dead
    Marketers will need to be far more nimble to track who’s seeing digital ads. Increasingly, in order to determine what’s working, it’s about tying together 3-4 different levels of data to measure response rates and track conversion.